Terms and Conditions:

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Complaints and Appeals Procedure:

Where a complaint has been received in writing, this will be passed to the Managing Director (MD) or Training Manager (TM) for investigation, within 24 Hours. The MD/TM will then investigate the complaint, within 1 week of the complaint being made. After the investigation, the MD will then make the necessary recommendations. If the matter cannot be resolved, this will be passed to the Board of Directors, who will decide the necessary action. Where the complaint requires detailed investigation or is a complex matter, the MD/TM will inform the complainant of the situation and agreement will be made to adjust timescales accordingly. The MD/TM will then convey the decision in writing to the person(s) concerned. This decision will be regarded as final.

Complaints and Appeals Procedure – CITB:

CITB aim to ensure all awarding organisation decisions are fair, consistent and based on valid judgements. However, we recognise there may be occasions when you wish to appeal against a decision made. Before using the procedure described below you must first have completed the appeals process that your centre has in place for you.

If the complaint or appeal cannot be resolved by the ATO, the dispute should be put in writing to CITB at the address below:

CITB, Sand Martin House, Bittern Way, Fletton Quays, Peterborough, PE2 8TY







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