CITB Site Safety Plus H&S Awareness


CITB Site Safety Plus certificate valid for 5 yrs from 7th December 2020 all certification will be issued digitally in a PDF format by CITB. No hard copies will be issued.

1 day · 9am - 5pm

£135 + VAT per person

  • CITB registration
  • GE707 CITB publication
  • Advice on getting your Green Labourers card
  • Refreshments - During Covid these are limited
  • Free parking
  • Due to Covid 19 no lunch or snacks are being provided


  • Bristol
  • On site by arrangement


1 to 20 people can attend open training courses.

Private courses or on-site training for 6 to 20.

Official 1 day training course from the CITB – of which we are an accredited member and an approved training provider.

This qualification, combined with the Health & Safety Environment test is the route to gaining a CSCS Green Labourers Card. Click here to view a short video on the CSCS Labourer card requirements and application.

The course highlights potential hazards when working on site and provides practical advice on keeping yourself and your colleagues safe. The course covers your indivdual and employer’s responsibilities, including what you can do if you think anyone’s health and safety is being put at risk.

This course provides health and safety awareness and is endorsed by Build UK as standard training for all operatives on site.

At the end of the course you will have an understanding of:

  • Health & Safety Laws and Regulations
  • Responsibilities of employer and employee.
  • The need to prevent accidents
  • How your role fits into the control and mangement of a site

  • Risk Assessments and Method Statments
  • Accident reporting
  • Performing Safely and asking for advice
  • The importance of using the correct PPE

We are still committed in the fight and awareness regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and we are offering both classroon and remote delivery for this course.
For details on our current Covid-19 policies please click here .

For information on the equipment delegates will need to join the training remotley please visit our remote training page or click here

Who needs this training

New labourers or labourers who need to renew their Green CSCS card (who will also need to do the CITB Operatives Health & Safety and Environment CSCS test).

Please be aware you will also need to underake the CITB Operatives Health & Safety and Environment test in addition to the course to ontain your CSCS Green Card from CSCS.

Click here to see the steps required to get a Green Labourer card.


Trainer - Alan Bigwood
Alan Bigwood

Alan is our Senior Trainer and Technical Director.

He spent 30 years as a Health & Safety Director of a National Construction company, so he has the muddy boots experience, the qualifications, the stories as well as the likability and sense of humour so crucial to helping people understand the importance of Health & Safety in the workplace.

Course Dates

Show events in the next months in
Days Price per person Location Dates Status
1 652 bristol 1 £135.00 + VAT St Annes (Main Suite) · Bristol · BS4 Fri 29 Oct 2021

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4 Places Available

1 652 bristol 1 £135.00 + VAT St Annes (Main Suite) · Bristol · BS4 Thu 04 Nov 2021

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9 Places Available

1 652 bristol 1 £135.00 + VAT St Annes (Main Suite) · Bristol · BS4 Thu 11 Nov 2021

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12 Places Available

2 652 bristol 1 £135.00 + VAT St Annes (Main Suite) · Bristol · BS4 Thu 25 Nov 2021

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14 Places Available

2 652 bristol 1 £135.00 + VAT St Annes (Main Suite) · Bristol · BS4 Thu 02 Dec 2021

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14 Places Available

2 652 bristol 1 £135.00 + VAT St Annes (Main Suite) · Bristol · BS4 Thu 09 Dec 2021

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13 Places Available


  1. Q: What steps do I need to take to achieve my Green Labourer Card?

    A: Follow the 3 steps below or view our video here:

    • Step 1 - Book a CITB Operative Health, Safety & Environment test. Best way to do this is through Pearson View who are subcontracted by the CITB to deliver the tests. Cost is £21 +VAT per person. You'll need to set-up a Pearson/CITB web account - here.
    • Step 2 - Attend the CITB Site Safety Health and Safety Awareness course with us.
    • Step 3 - Apply for your Green Labourer Card here . The cost is £36 +VAT.
    • It doesn't matter what order you take step 1 and step 2 in but most people take their touch screen test first.
    • To apply for your Green Card the quickest way is via CSCS website here. You will need your test score print out from your touch screen test and your CITB Health & Safety Awareness certificate.
    • As of December 2020 all CITB certification will be digital, CITB are no longer issuing hard copies. CITB have allocated a 5 working day (excl Weekends) lead time to issue certification from when course paperwork is submitted. We submit our paperwork the next working day after the course.

  2. Q: How long after the CITB Operatives H&S Test can I attend a CITB One Day H&S Awareness course?

    A: We asked the CITB - this is what they said: "The CITB Operative Health, Safety & Environment test is valid for 2 years from passing to be able to pass the one day HSA course and still achieve a CSCS card."

  3. Q: How long do you have to apply for the Green Labourers Card after attending the CITB Health & Safety Awareness Test?

    A: 2 years

Course feedback

We very impressed with this course. Value for money Alan is very imformative and the course is delivered professionally with all the required content and more. Really impressed with COVID procedures in place. We will be booking more of our employees on this course.

Power Electrics Bristol - Director

I took the CITB H&S Awareness course, i was very happy with how the day went, excellent information, very informative and the trainer very approachable and knowledgeable.

Stephen Preater