Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do I need to renew my Green Labourers Card if I have an SSSTS / SMSTS Certificate?


You only need to renew your green labourers card if you want a labourers card as well as your SSSTS/SMSTS. There’s no obligation to hold a labourers card if you have a higher level qualification. However, we advise you to check … Continue reading

Q:How do I apply for my green cscs card?


As of January 2020 CSCS and CITB have changed the process of obtaining your Green CSCS card. CSCS have now introduced an apply online function which they will more than likely direct all delegates to when applying for their cards. … Continue reading

Q:Can Men with Beards have Qualitative Face Fits for Dust Masks if they have Facial Hair


The current trend of blokes with facial hair has led to a lot of people asking if guys can be face fitted for respiratory protective face masks if they have facial hair.  Here is the answer below: With regards to … Continue reading