CITB Levy Grant Scheme

What is the CITB Levy Grant?

The CITB Levy is used to support construction employers to make sure the industry has the skilled workforce it needs. It is dedicated to ensuring the construction workforce has the right skills for now and the future, based around their three strategic priorities: Careers. Standards and qualifications.

You can apply for grants as a CITB registered employer, by completing a Levy Return to the CITB by the 30th of November each year. Small employers that do not need to pay into the levy are still able to apply for grants and funding.

For more information on how grants work please visit the CITB website by clicking here

Do you have to pay the CITB Levy?

Registered employers must pay the CITB levy. CITB collects the levy payment from about 75,000 companies in the UK.

How much is the CITB grant?

The amount of funding you can apply for depends on the number of employees you have: Employers with 1 to 49 directly employed staff can receive up to £5000. Employers with 50 to 74 directly employed staff can receive up to £7500. Employers with 75 to 99 directly employed staff can receive up to £10000.

How to claim:

If your delegates attend any of our CITB courses, you would eligible to claim. In order to claim companies must provide at the time of their booking or provide the delegate attending with the below information:

  1. CITB Levy Number
  2. CITB Company name

The above information will then be inserted into the Levy section of our paperwork submission. The above information is essential for any claim to be processed and must be provided by the booker.

CITB qualifications are allocated to the delegate not the booking company, therefore levy grant claims are not automatically processed.

Claims can be made retrospectively however the levy company will need to make the claim through their online levy account. Training providers cannot make a claim once the course date has passed.